A Little About Us . . .

We are a group of experienced playwrights offering a variety of scripts and monologues here for students of all ages. Please feel free to hop around and see what we have to offer. We carry scripts for middle school, high school, and the university.

You may download a play excerpt or a perusal script for free, and you can also purchase one of our books.  We have both digital scripts and hard-copy scripts. Let us know if you have any questions!  You may contact us at: john@studentplays.org

What’s happening at Student Plays?

☞ May 15 & 16 — “Don’t Let Bigfoot Bite,” and “The Great Galapanza,” at Our Lady Queen of Angels in Newport Beach, CA

☞ June 3 – “Forty Whacks” – A one-person adaptation. Morgan Van Otterloo, Chambers High School, Salem, Oregon.

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