Two Short College Plays


Cost per performance: $45.00
Cost for each additional performance: $40.00

Honoring the Hijacker

Style: Drama
Duration: 12-15 minutes
Cast: 4 actors: 2 females, 2 males.

It’s 1983, the ten-year anniversary of the famed hijacker D.B. Cooper. The play’s four characters are attending a “D.B. Festival” and have stayed up very late, outlasting everybody else. The late night chit-chat goes from pranks and jokes to outright volatility, and suddenly this festival get-together becomes something that three of the four characters didn’t bargain for.

Stravinsky’s Kitchen

Style: Comedy
Duration: 12-15 minutes.
Cast: 3 actors: 3 males (this play could easily be altered to have 3 females instead).

Two friends secretly enter the home of an employer to obtain a forgotten object but the homeowner abruptly arrives home as they are there. As they hide in the house’s pantry and plot their getaway, the two talk and eventually argue, exposing the true colors of one of the men. Upon their hasty exit a mistake is made, and the other man capitalizes on this mistake, resulting in his fortune.

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